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Kwith Wolfe Studio
About the Artist
Keith Wolfe

Photography by Bricquet Media

Keith Wolfe

Keith Wolfe is an American contemporary artist based in Oklahoma City, OK. His favorite mediums are acrylic and mixed media. You will see most of his pieces on stretched canvas or on prepared acrylic paper. Keith is married and has three children and step-children.

Keith grew up in Texas, but after living in a few different states, he eventually moved to Oklahoma in 2007. Keith’s favorite subjects growing up were English and Art, and he would eventually study both in college and go on to earn a BA in English in the late 1990s.  

Since 1997, Keith has been a professional writer, illustrator, and graphic designer, incorporating his creativity throughout his career. He has recently expanded this love of the arts into abstract painting.

Each piece Keith exhibits and sells is protected by an acrylic isolation layer and a  layer of UV-protecting varnish. Any pieces that are matted and framed are prepared using acid-free, archive-quality materials.

Keith is a member of the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and the Paseo Arts Association.

Artist Statement

I'm rarely without my sketchbook, and I can often be found drawing something. My inspiration comes from what I see, feel, and experience within the natural and, sometimes, manufactured world around us. Each piece is an abstraction of the patterns, values, and rhythm we interact with everyday but don’t always perceive. 


That being said, my work is not intended to represent any one thing. You will rarely hear me explaining what one piece means or is supposed to represent. Interpretation, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder after all. In fact, one of my joys is hearing the different things others see in my work. 


My approach to painting is a balance of intuitive exploration and practical study. Some of my pieces start and end according to a plan; others are achieved by reacting to a more spontaneous impulse. One stroke of the brush can easily take a piece into a different direction worthy of exploration. So, my process is a balance between the mind and the heart, speaking and listening, thinking and not thinking. The challenge is knowing when to do each. 


I often say that my work does not always end up where I expect it to go, but each piece usually ends up where it is supposed to be. 


My goal is to inspire others to discover different ways of experiencing the world around them and to understand that sometimes you have to look beyond what is obvious and what is normal to find beauty in unusual places.

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